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Nestor A. Vela - Founder

As Chief Executive Officer Nestor is the voice of the Company, responsible for introducing WARM Global, LLC to the public. Nestor has over 27 years of professional and entrepreneurial experience. He started his career by working for Ingenio Mayaguez in Colombia, South America where he learned about the sugar cane industry from some of the best engineers in the field.

As a business owner for more than 20 years, Nestor has continued his professional education at Rutgers University with an emphasis in Integrated Pest Management and Organic approach to the turf industry. With his continued search for a cleaner and more productive way of soil conservation he became involved with one of the pioneers of fast pyrolysis in Reims, France.

Nestor has been a believer of organic fertilizers and soil amendments such as diatomaceous earth and biochar. This last soil enhancer happens to be a byproduct from the pyrolysis of biomass. As a member of the International Biochar Initiative and with the collaboration of important institutions dedicated to sustainable and renewable energy, Nestor is currently developing a research program with biochar in New Jersey. He is also involved with the a research program in collaboration with The Sergio Arboleda University, located in Bogota Colombia.

As a professional photographer, Nestor has been documenting biomass management and the effects of municipal solid waste in Colombia along with other environmental issues with objective of making a difference. During the last four years, as the Chief Operations Officer of WES International, Nestor built a very important network of companies with the experience needed to address environmental issues caused by waste.

Nestor graduated in 1984 from Universidad del Tolima in Ibague, Colombia as an Agronomist Engineer. His Thesis Work about the bio-chemical changes caused by burning sugar cane pre-harvest, earned an honorable mention by this University.

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