Municipal Solid Waste


Municipal Solid Waste

Known as MSW this type of waste is the main target for researchers around the globe due to the degree of contamination and its impact to the environment and communities near the landfills. The safest and more efficient way of gasifying this material is transforming it to a product called “RDF” (Refuse Derived Fuel) which is nothing else than grinding, drying and, in some cases, pelletizing this product in order to obtain the high calorific value and density needed for gasification.

Unfortunately, landfills are currently the most popular way of disposing garbage. Even the most sophisticated landfill causes terrible consequences to the environment and compromises the health of communities nearby. Leaching and Green House Gas emissions such as methane and carbon dioxide are only part of a very complex problem. Landfills attract scavengers, rodents and insects that become vectors of serious diseases.

With the use of gasification we can transform urban waste into electricity, with minimum emissions. We can’t afford to allow leachate contaminate underground waters, brooks and rivers.

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