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Waste As Raw Material or WARM Global, LLC, was founded by a group of professionals due to a mutual concern: The increasing contamination of our air, soil and water. Most accumulated waste is the main source of contamination with landfills being the perfect example. We are convinced that gasification and pyrolysis are the right technologies to turn waste into clean energy with added value.

Initially, WARM Global, LLC analyzes the waste situation by doing a pre-feasibility study followed by our recommendations. Based on the results of the initial inspection, we design a process with all necessary steps to safety turning that particular waste into a final product, allowing our client to generate profit. Once given the green light by our client, we become involved with the selection, providing the equipment necessary to do the job. We handle all phases of construction of the plant from the ground up and deliver “turnkey” systems. In addition, our plants will be backed up with outstanding customer service, full warranty and a complete stock of parts and technical services.

Strategic Alliances

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  • PHG
  • Simec