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Sevier Solid Waste, Inc. company just signed an agreement with PHG Energy to install a waste gasification plant in the municipality of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Currently 60% of municipal solid waste are converted into compost but wasted its energy value. Through gasification, electricity will be generated and the final by-product (Biochar) can be used as a soil conditioner or as a replacement to the coal. This project will use a module PHG-LF or large format, which has a capacity of 64 tons/day and will be the 15th plant installed by PHG Energy in the United States.

As contractor of PHG Energy, WARM Global , LLC. has proposed the implementation of this system in several cities of Colombia and Peru. The Universidad Sergio Arboleda de Bogotá has joined the effort to make this project a reality providing the research and teaching part, expanding the vision of engineering students and giving more importance to the environmental aspect. According to the EPA, this plant to be built in Pigeon Forge Tennessee, will reduce in 450 tons of CO2 annually, not counting methane emissions, avoiding that these waste end up in a landfill. Environmental permits are pending and you are expected to complete their installation in mid-2016.

Strategic Alliances

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